Fun Factory Stronic Eins Review

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Stronic Eins by Fun Factory via my friend Shelley at Shelly’s Toy Box.  When it first arrived, I was not especially impressed as it looked like your ordinary vibrator, but I was soon pleased to discover that I had misjudged my new pink friend.   I must go on record saying this is the BEST vibrator I have ever used, and trust me, I’ve played with many!!  It MORE than gives you “bang for your buck!”

Let’s start with the product basics: The Stronic Eins is made of 100% medical grade silicone.  I personally am very careful about sex toys I play with and what they are made of as I find anything latex to be particularly irritating to my “sensitive parts.”  It is available in your choice of hot pink or violet.  I chose the girly hot pink option.  It is fully rechargeable which means no more fumbling around for batteries in the heat of the moment.  Even cooler, the charger is magnetic and simply attaches itself to the end of the toy.  This means no more hunting around for the charging port on the toy or struggling to plug the charger into the toy just right.  When fully charged, the Stronic Eins will provide up to 3 hours of pleasure before needing a “recharge” of his own.  For those of you who travel, and sometimes want to take your toys along for the trip, the Stronic Eins has a great little locking feature that will prevent any embarrassing, “accidental” activation of the toy while in your luggage. The Stronic Eins also comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Now for the more “stimulating” basics of the toy:  It is actually not a “vibrator” at all, but rather a “pulsator.”  It makes use of newly developed technology from the Fun Factory labs in Germany called Drive Technology which allows the toy to actually thrust rather than vibrate.  This means it is MUCH more like the real thing…a real thrusting penis inside you, and who doesn’t love that?!  It provides 10 different kinds of rhythmic thrusts to match every woman’s desires. It is also 100% water submersible for fun in the tub, shower or Jacuzzi.  I tried it out in my own Jacuzzi and can vouch for the fact that it does indeed work just fine during and after submersion in water.  It can also be used hands free, freeing those hands up for other body parts…yours or someone special’s.  A feature I found especially cute is the on/off button which simply says “FUN.” 

Enough of this technical talk…how does it actually feel to play with the Stronic EIns?  In one word…heavenly!  For starters, it feels and looks very much like a real penis.  The medical grade silicone is very soft and smooth to the touch; the toy itself carries a good amount of girth and heft.  The ride really starts however, when you press that cute little “FUN” button.  I have never experienced a vibrator that feels quite like the Stronic Eins.  That ability to produce a “thrusting” rather than a “vibrating” motion is what sets it apart.  I get much the same sort of feeling and stimulation that I would from real love making… minus the moans of pleasure and the warmth of my partner’s skin on mine…some things just can’t be simulated!!  It also has a raised area near the base which provides some nice clitoral stimulation.  You will want to run through the 10 different pulses to find the ones that feel best to you, but I promise you will find probably more than one that knocks your socks off.  I really love the fact that it is hands free, and will continue to thrust away inside my tender parts while I move my hands to my breasts or my clit or even my partner’s penis for foreplay.  When the big moment arrives, it is made even more intense for me by the sensation of my vaginal walls squeezing and releasing the Stronic Eins as it continues to thrust inside me to the very end of my orgasmic wave.

I really can’t say enough about this toy. The one and only thing I found lacking was some sort of pouch to place the toy in when not in use.  I believe they do offer them for sale separately, however many high end toys I have purchased in the past come with their own carrying/storage pouch. Overall, I am very pleased to add the Stronic Eins to my collection where it has quickly become my favorite.  Whether you are a sex toy connoisseur or a first time user, this is the toy to have!

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