Crystal Delights Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug Review

Krissy Novocain took on the task of reviewing the Crystal Delights Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug for us. Krissy has a fantastic Blog with tons of reviews and educational articles so go check her out at : Kink with Krissy

I love this. I love that it is perfectly comfortable for longer wear. I love that it is pink. I love that it is fluffy and fantastic. I don't have an inner animal, but this totally makes me feel pretty. Plus the tail can be removed for cleaning or to use as a sensation toy. Yea, this thing's is pretty damn fantastic. 

Shelly's Toy Box offers this perfect plug in two colors, white and pink. I, of course, got the pink because I am the pinkest punk evah! Probably not, but I like to pretend that I am that special. Seriously, damn the man and shiny, pretty things for every one! 

Anyway, this is a glass plug with a high powered magnet epoxied into it. The tail has magnets attached to it with a glue as well. These magnets are for serious. The epoxy is as well as there was no problems with it going through the dishwasher to clean it. 

The tail is made from a fur, but it doesn't seem like rabbit fur. I'm not sure what kind of fur it is. It sheds a little, but not much. You shouldn't pull too much on the tail because it's a bit delicate. If it gets dirty, the best thing to do is to spot clean it with a damp cloth rather than trying to wash it. 

Shelly, from Shellys Toy Box, let me know:
"These tails come from a company in the USA that specializes in the 'refuse parts' of animals typically thrown away. Crystal Delights does not condone the killing of an animal for its coat and they believe that some day the fur trade will be abolished (and they support that) but until that time, they believe that all parts of the animal should be used and not simply discarded as waste. Crystal Delights donates a portion of tail profits annually to animal charities to continue our charitable mission."

Which is awesome! 

Anyway, when I got this, Darth Dom Pants looked at me like I had gone crazy. We aren't animal players, so he was a bit confused when I was excited about receiving a tail. For me, I love anal plugs that have a pretty base. There's something very kinky for me to have something pretty shoved up my butt. The tail is just another one of those for me. 

This is made by Crystal Delights, which is a manufacturer of luxury glass toys. Because of my butt's addiction to glass, I shop around a lot for glass. Crystal Delights is absolutely on the highest end of glass options when it comes to price, but in the case of this one, I can approve. This is the only toy that has a magnetically removable tail for cleaning that seems sturdy. The tail isn't going anywhere unless you really want it to. 

The plug itself is perfection. I love a toy with a longer neck because it is so much more comfortable for longer wear. It's a great size for it as well. I love the smooth gradual shape. Even those newer to anal play should be able to tackle this as a second or third toy, or a least a little experience with anal play. 

Overall, I am so happy with this. It's comfortable, pretty, and glass, so there is no reason not to love it. 

Thanks Krissy, hopefully that was informative and maybe answered ant questions any of you may have had. If not as always just drop us a note and we will do our best to answer any questions about this or any of our products.

The Crystal Delights Magnetic Bunny Tail Plug is available in Pink and White (black available soon)

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